What is Infrastructure for Multilayer Interoperability (IMI)?

“Infrastructure for Multilayer Interoperability” is an infrastructure to enable sharing of data between receivers and senders without semantic misinterpretation of data in order to promote efficient data exchange and effective use of open data.

For this purpose, IMI provides various necessary resources including semantics and usage rules of basic vocabularies used to describe data, schemas for exchanging specific data, tools and various types of documents.

IMI Workflow
Figure 1. Use Flow of Infrastructure for Multilayer Interoperability

While currently still being under development, in the first stage , IMI provides a “core vocabulary”, that is an information related to basic terms used commonly in diversified areas of public administrations, together with relevant documents. In addition, it provides 9 types of information exchange packages (IEP) as examples of templates in which the core vocabulary is utilized.


Infrastructure for Multilayer Interoperability project was initiated for the development of an infrastructure that supports “private sector access to public data” and “provision of highly convenient electronic government services” that serve as the core part of “Declaration to be the World’s Most Advanced Nation” (Decided on June 14, 2013. Revised on June 24, 2014) endorsed by the cabinet.

So far, development has been carried out focusing on the core vocabulary as described below. Core Vocabulary Version 2.2, the final version of the second generation, is available as a stable official version.

IPA is preparing a vocabulary repository system, utilization tools, and documents as an infrastructure to facilitate convenient use of the vocabularies and further extend vocabularies.

June, 2013 Core Vocabulary Version 1.1 was released.

2014 Pilot project on vocabularies, vocabulary repository system and tools was conducted.

June, 2014 Core Vocabulary Version 2.1 and draft Information Exchange Package were released.

December, 2014 Core Vocabulary Version 2.1 was released.

February, 2015 Core Vocabulary Version 2.2 and Information Exchange Package Version 1 were released.

IMI Roadmap
Figure 2. The Roadmap of the Development Project of Vocabulary Repository for Information Linkage and Related Tools